HSF Summit 2023
HSF Summit is a digital conference that brings together students across the country to learn more about the college application process and college experience.

Meet the heads of the House Scholarship Foundation as they answer any lingering or burning questions you may have as you closely approach college. The summit will begin with an informational application-prep presentation and then will open up to a speaker panel, where you will hear stories from our team and get a chance to ask questions.

Check back soon with the updated dates and form!
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Meet our speakers

Hi I'm Cameron, a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying EECS, BioE, and design. I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, and gaming. I look forward to meeting you all!

Hi, I'm Charles. I'm an incoming junior at Cornell studying Econ and Gov. In my free time, I enjoy investing and playing tennis. See you all soon!

I'm Matthew, a rising junior at UCSD majoring Math-CS, looking to specialize in computer vision. I enjoy playing tennis and watching movies. See you guys soon!

Hey everyone! I'm Kyle, a rising freshman at UCLA majoring in psychobiology. I enjoying reading, trying new cuisines, and playing tennis.

My name is Thomas. I'm an incoming freshman at UCR. I enjoy golfing and bowling and hope to be able to talk to you all!

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