House Scholarship Foundation

A student-run nonprofit empowering education since 2020.

WHAT we believe in
We believe in recognizing and empowering talented students as well as augmenting educational opportunity with equity as a goal.

Who we are

We are the House Scholarship Foundation, a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization from Southern California with the goal of providing financial assistance and enriching educational opportunity to students dedicated to the arts, sciences, literature, and other scholarly achievement.

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The Team

Founded by students for students

Cameron Dang

Executive Director

Hi, I'm Cameron, a junior at UC Berkeley studying EECS, BioE, and design. I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, and love all types of motorsports (F1, cars, motorcycles)!
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Charles Chen

Executive Director

I'm a junior at Cornell studying Econ and Gov. In my free time, I enjoy trading/investing and playing tennis!

Matthew Pham


I'm Matthew, a junior at UCSD majoring Math-CS, looking to specialize in computer vision. I love playing tennis and watching movies!

Kyle Phong

Assistant Director

Hey! I'm Kyle, a freshman at UCLA majoring in psychobiology. I enjoying reading, trying new cuisines, and playing tennis.

Thomas Pham

Assistant Director

My name is Thomas. I'm currently a freshman at UCR. I enjoy golfing and bowling (and also tennis)!

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