National HSF Chapters

As a Chapter, your organization will help host local school-wide scholarships and philanthropy events that boost the local community.

Interested in starting your own House Scholarship Foundation Chapter at your local High School or Middle School? If you're ready to start a new chapter or reinstate an existing chapter, you can begin your chapter registration here:

Read more on how to register a new chapter or reinstate an existing chapter and support your local community through school-wide scholarship events and more.

If you need help starting a chapter, feel free to send us a message using the request form below:
Next, you should find the right school administrator, teacher, or faculty member to be your Club Advisor. A Club Advisor should be able to oversee the club's operations and should be informed of any major decisions that you make.

Then, assemble your club cabinet with 4-8 officers. It is recommended that your cabinet includes the following positions:

- President
- Vice President
- Secretary
- Treasurer

Your cabinet may also include the following positions:

- Director of Communications
- Director of Publicity
- Director of Internal Affairs

Once you're done, follow your school's instructions on how to set up a club/club chapter. We'll keep in touch with you through the email you provided in your Club Coordinator registration for important progress updates and give you tips on how to run your chapter.

Some school require you to write up a club constitution or club bylaws. If you need a template, feel free to email us at


1) We require each chapter to record minutes of their agenda for each club meeting. A sample minutes document should include the following:

House Scholarship Foundation [Your Chapter Name] Minutes

1. Call to Order—Name and Office (President/Vice President)
2. Roll Call—Name, Secretary
4. Officer's Reports—Name, Treasurer
5. Other Reports (Club Members)
7. Agenda for Next Meeting
9. Date of Next Meeting
10. Adjournment

2) Each club chapter is required to engage in community volunteering throughout the entire academic school year. A minimum of one (1) volunteering event per semester is required.

3) Each club chapter is required to pay annual dues depending on the size of the club. Chapters with
2-10 members are not required to pay dues.

4) Club Chapters are required to send a roster of their members and officers each academic school year OR update a previous year's roster.

For any comments, questions, or concerns about the club chapter registration process, please contact us at