$2000 HSF Aspiring Scholars Award

Application Form 2022-23


Aspire to Create

Before you begin the application, we recommend you copy the questions over to a word document and answer there. Once you are done with answering, copy your answers over to the boxes here and submit. We will not save your answers unless you hit submit. For the short answer questions, we highly recommend you stay around the word count.

Please also make sure you meet our eligibility requirements:
- You are a US citizen or permanent resident.
- You are a current high school student (9-12th grade).
- You have a high school transcript available (unofficial or official).
- You will go to a US-based college or equivalent after graduation.

This year at HSF, our 1st place award is $2000, 2nd place is $750, and 3rd place is $250. Finalists, semi-finalists, and honorable mentions will be named and honored but no financial award will be given.

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Contact Information

Personal Background Questions

High School Transcript and Extracurriculars

General Questions (Recommended 50-100 words or 600 character limit)

Themed Questions (150-300 words, 2000 character limit)

*Please note that if you are selected as an honorable mention, semi-finalist, finalist, or a winner, we may request a picture of you. Furthermore, in accordance to our privacy policy, we will not disclose your information; any usage of your information is only to contact you or judge your application in a fair and indiscriminate manner.

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